Sell Your Cell Phone

Sell your cell phone or other device and get instant cash!

Need to pay some bills, save for a trip, or put gas in the car? If you’re like most people things “come up” that require the ability to get quick cash with no hassles. Bring your existing device to Cell Phones Plus and we’ll tell you what it’s worth and pay cash for it on the spot. It’s that easy!

Or perhaps you’re looking to trade-in and upgrade to a new version of your phone or device or get an entirely new brand. Bring it in and we’ll tell you how much it’s worth and give you the option of putting that toward your upgraded or different device.

Whatever your needs are, we want to help you find the right device that will help make your life easier. Stop by Cell Phones Plus today and receive a fair offer to sell or trade your existing device.

We accept phones from most major carriers; Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. We purchase all devices from simple flip phones to the latest Android and Apple products. We are always honest and friendly and try to make selling a device a pleasant experience for the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

My phone is several years old. Would Cell Phones Plus still purchase it? Possibly. We cannot guarantee that we will purchase every phone, but we do purchase many older model phones.

How do I go about selling my device to Cell Phones Plus? We ask that you bring the device to our store so that we can briefly inspect the phone. We also ask that the phone be fully charged before bringing it to sell.

What if I want more than is offered? No worries! We try to be fair with our offers, but we realize that sometimes the offer is not acceptable to the customer. You are never under any pressure or obligation to sell your phone to us.

Do I need the original box and charger in order to sell my phone? Certainly not. Just bring your phone in as is and you’ll be good to go.

What happens to my data after I sell my phone? We know your information is sensitive. You are welcome to erase your data before you bring your device in to sell. In the event that there is still data on your phone, Cell Phones Plus always resets the device during the inspection process.