iPhones and Androids for Sale!

Replace your iPhone, Android, iPad or Tablet for less with one of our certified pre-owned devices and get all there is to offer from the major carriers.

iPhone_5aWhen you purchase a phone or device from Cell Phones Plus you can rest assured that what you’ve chosen has been thoroughly inspected and tested before it was placed for sale.

In addition, we provide a 30 day device warranty and activation guarantee so you can feel comfortable knowing that you got a great device at a great price!

A new phone can easily retail for $300 or more. At Cell Phones Plus, a similar certified pre-owned phone may cost less than half of that.TrustUs_Trans_Small

All of our certified pre-owned iphones and androids for sale can be activated with one of the major carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint.

So, what are you waiting for? Come in today and check-out our like-new iphones, androids and other devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cell Phones Plus ever sell new devices? We have an extensive network of trusted suppliers and occasionally offer brand new cell phones, however, the majority of our phones are pre-owned and have been carefully cleaned and tested.

Why don’t you list your phones on the website? At Cell Phones Plus, we are constantly buying and selling phones. Our inventory changes much too quickly to list them individually. We encourage customers to stop by the store and browse our current inventory.

How do I know that the phone I purchase is not lost or stolen? We have the ability to determine the activation status of any phone. All phones are checked and in the rare event that there is any problem with activation, we will replace the phone immediately.

If I purchase a phone from Cell Phones Plus, will it change my plan or upgrade with my current cell phone provider? No. Purchasing a phone from us will not affect anything on your account, nor will it affect your contract or upgrade. In fact, buying a phone from Cell Phones Plus puts you in greater control by giving you the ability to use your upgrade if and when you deem necessary.


 iphones and androids for sale with verizon, at&t, t-mobile and sprint